MALICE IN MANILA: The jealousy of a sister ran so deep that she became an active participant in her brother-in-law’s murder plot.

When one hears the words mail-order bride, the first thing that comes to mind is sleaziness, but is that always the case? The answer is no.

Had the father given away his daughter and granddaughter to the highest bidder, or he had their best interests at heart?

Can two sisters from the same family raised by the same parents under the same roof be so different?

No sacrifice was too big for Catalina when it came to raising her only child in a decent environment even if that meant leaving her family, country, religion, and culture and marrying a man twice her age.

Could Sohail’s determination to succeed in a second marriage overcome all obstacles, including religion, age, cultural differences and ruining his relationships with his own son and daughter?

When you run into the first love of your life after twenty years, can the effects and flashbacks be so overwhelming that your memory temporarily freezes?